Thursday, June 9, 2011

Where's Waldo?

As you know I obviously have a quip against some artists' motivation. I don't have a problem with someone making money, but I find it vulgar when an artist claims to be respectable when in fact they are nothing close to it. However, some artists that do make respectable work sadly exude a sense of pretentious visual odor that forces me to either vomit or be snarky. I don't like to vomit, its too involved so I'll be snarky.

Here is the game not unlike Where's Waldo:  Find the artist in the picture:

Where's Ozeri?

I know, this one is a challenge. Can you find Yigal Ozeri among the blistering botox and Champagne sipping money whores surrounding the artist?

I think Ozeri is a talent unlike these hypocritical objectifying tools, his work blows me away every time I see it. But every time I see him I want to hide my childhood from him as he looks like that dude, Eugene Victor Tooms from the X-files that might suck my youth out of my body to reinvigorate his own crusty carcass. I get the eccentric artist look, but dude looks like a carny that just raided Tim Burton's wardrobe.   

Here is one of my fav paintings from Ozeri the circus clown:

Yigal Ozeri

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Jared Joslin: Stop, Look, Glisten

Jared Joslin is like the roaring 20's circus show that I want to see.  I must first admit, I'm scared of clowns, and artists that are clowns.  But Jared Joslin is the kind of artist that is anything but a clown.  I wish he adapted Water for Elephants to film, but he didn't and no one went to see that movie.  His show "Stop, Look, Glisten" @ Firecat Projects Gallery in Chicago opens May 27th to June 18th.

Circus self portrait Jared Joslin

I can enjoy his work, not just because it's skillful and intelligent, but there is something layered beneath the detail. It's like a semi transparent mirror into a short lived time period that was rot with sadness, yet at the same time romance. American culture was shaped so dramatically as people's entire savings were lost, while others over indulged.  The party was short but the fashion, style and nostalgic permanence is so intriguing. 

Shore Leave Jared Joslin

Jared is obviously highly influenced and effected by this time period, but he has the will to illustrate those visions into meaningful snippets of a history all too soon to be lost as our grandparents pass on and we neglect to listento them.  His paintings remind me of the murmuring of our past, one in which technology and industry was moving headlong into lifestyle and art. 
shooting gallery Jared Joslin
PS. Good things come in pairs. Jared's wife Jessica Joslin, is also a ridiculously bright and talented artist. 

Jessica Joslin